Data Release Notes for February 11th, 2019

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • State added to American National GUL

California added to Signature Guaranteed UL reprice. January 17th

  • Symetra Term Updated

Term for Symmetry updated and set live. February 8th

  • Lincoln Term Updated

TermAccel and LifeElements both updated and set live. February 11th


  • Pacific Life Form Removed

Form 15-43476-00 removed. January 15th

  • Principal Forms Updated

Forms AA3443NYL-1, DD612-33 added. Forms DD1621-7, DD944-12, DD168-23, BB11642-6, DD9073-1, AA3443NCA-0, AA3443NDC-0, AA3443NFLPN-0, AA3443NST-1, DD1522-7, DD9229-1, AA3443N-1, BB11642-6, AA3443N-0, DD9073-1, DD168-23, updated. January 21st

  • Principal Form Updated

Form DD2721-1 updated. February 4th

  • American General Form Updated

Form AGLC110219 updated. February 4th

  • Lincoln Unified Application Forms Released

One application for all types of life insurance, now available. February 11th

  • Principal Forms Updated

Forms DD2006-2, DD1576-6, and DD9321-0 updated. February 11th