Data Release Notes for January 7, 2019

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • States added to Lincoln LifeElements
    Alaska, Arkansas, Maryland, and Missouri added to LifeElements November reprice. December 10th
  • States added to Lincoln TermAccel
    Oregon and Washington added to TermAccel. December 10th
  • Banner Rates Updated
    OPTerm rates for Banner and William Penn repriced. December 11th
  • American General Rates Updated
    SecureLifeTime GUL rates updated. December 14th
  • Protective Rates Updated
    Advantage Choice UL rates updated. December 17th
  • State added to John Hancock w/ Built-in Vitality Plus
    North Dakota added to Term w/ built-in Vitality Plus. December 17th
  • Cincinnati Rates Updated
    LifeSetter Flex UL rates updated. December 28th
  • American National Rates Updated
    SGUL rates updated. January 1st
  • Protective Rates Updated
    Custom Choice UL rates updated. January 1st
  • American National Product Removed
    Simplified Issue Term removed, not being sold anymore. January 2nd


  • Foresters Underwriting Guide Added
    The underwriting guide was added to the forms and is available through the ALQ as well. December 4th
  • Protective Forms Updated
    Form A1128IL and the replacement form for IL were updated. The packets Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity Packet for IL and the Indexed Annuity II App Packet for Il were updated to reflect this change. December 4th
  • Lincoln Form Updated
    Form 4506T-EZ was updated for all products. December 10th
  • Banner Form Corrected
    Form LU1337 was out-of-date. Form was updated to current version. December 11th
  • Minnesota Life Forms Now Available
    The full suite of Minnesota Life products now have forms available. December 14th
  • American General Forms Updated.
    Forms AGLC108093-2018, AGLC108093-FL-2018, and ICC18-108093 were updated to rev1218 versions. These are the Index Universal Life Supplemental Applications. December 17th
  • Transamerica Forms Added
    Forms BENCHG2018 and TOS2191118 added. December 17th
  • Banner and William Penn Forms Updated
    William Penn forms LU1237, LIA-WP, W9_WP, PR104, and LAA1297WP updated. William Penn form LP200_WP added. Banner forms ICC16-LIA-KS, LIA, LIA-CA, LIA-DC, LIA-FL, LIA-MT, LIA-ND, LU1200T, and LAA1297 updated. Banner forms W9 and LP-200 added. December 18th
  • Principal Form Added
    Form DD849S-3 added. January 2nd
  • American General Form Updated
    Form AGLC108108-2015 updated to 12/18 version. January 2nd
  • Banner Forms Replaced
    Form LIA-CT replaced with ICC08-LIA, CLIA replaced with ICC14-CLIA in CT, LU1282CT replaced with ICC10 LU1282, LU-1267 replaced with ICC08-LU1267 in CT, LU1250 replaced with ICC17-LU1250 in CT, LU-1279 replaced with ICC08-LU1279 in CT, LU-1255 replaced with ICC14-LU1255 in CT, LU-1285-NODISC replaced with ICC09-LU1285, and ADBDISC-1 replaced with ICC11ADB-D in CT. January 2nd
  • American General Form Updated
    4506T-EZ form updated. January 3rd
  • Transamerica Form Updated
    4506T-EZ form updated. January 4th
  • Principal Forms Updated
    Forms AA3470S-1, AA3470FL-1, AA3470NY-1, AA3470-1, AA3470-2, AA3470CA-2, AA4030-1, AA4030-0, AA4030CA-0, AA4030S-0, and AA4030WY-1 updated. Form EE11865CA-0 updated to EE11865CA-1 and EE11865-0 updated to EE11865-1 (2019 Privacy Notices). January 7th