Data Release Notes for June 11, 2018

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • John Hancock Updated
    Term rates updated and set live. April 27th

  • State Added to Lincoln LifeElements
    Oregon was added to the LifeElements March 2018 version. May 14th

  • Minnesota Rates
    Term rates updated, w/ECA and w/ECA & CICA rates added. WOP and Child Riders and substandard rates added. 


  • Protective Policy Change Forms
    Protective Policy Change applications for Alabama, Mississippi and Nevada updated to reflect removal of Arbitration form. May 9th

  • AIG Form Updated
    Form DHCS7102 for CA updated to 2018 version. May 11th

  • TransAmerica Forms Updated
    Forms TRANINFO-0812, TRANINFO-0114 TPLIC, TRANINFO NY 0415 replaced with TRANINFO0218. Forms FN Producer Statement 11/13, FN Producer Statement TPLIC, and FN Producer Statement NY 0415 replaced with FN Producer Statement 0318. Forms FN POA 0214, FN POA TPLIC 0214, FN POA NY 0415 replaced with FN POA 0318. May 11th

  • Principal Forms Updated
    Forms AA4030-1, AA4030-0, AA4030CA-0, AA4030S-0, AA4030FL-0 and DD1579-4 updated. May 14th

  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB5075CA, NB5075FL, NB5075US, NB5075UT, NB5075ME, NB5075PA, ICC18 NB6017, NB5176DE, NB5176FL, NB5176US, ICC16 NB6000KIT, ICC16 NB6000KIT MA, ICC16 NB6000KIT UT, ICC16 NB6000KIT ME, ICC16 NB6000KIT PA, NB5000CA, NB5000DC, NB5000FL, and NB5000US updated. May 14th

  • Lincoln Form Removed
    Form CS07117 removed. May 14th

  • Principal Products Removed from Form
    Products BVUL/EVUL, BVUL II/EVUL II, BVUL II Retail and VUL Income II removed from form Principal form MM1542A-34. May 21st

  • TransAmerica Form Replaced

Form TOP4601008T replaced with TOP4600613T. May 21st

  • John Hancock Forms Updated

Forms NB5011US, NB5011MO, NB5017IL, NB5198RI updated. May 29th

  • AIG Form Updated
    Form AGLC108755-01 updated to AGLC108755-NH for NH. June 1st

  • John Hancock Products Removed
    Products Premier Life and Survivorship Term discontinued by carrier. Forms were taken off our site. June 5th

  • AIG Forms Updated
    Forms 108558 replaced with forms 111268. June 6th

  • Principal Forms Updated
    Forms AA4030-1, AA4030-0, EE11865-0, MM2580-8, AA4030S-0, BB11642-5, MM1542A-34, and AA4030WY-1, AA4030FL-0, BB11642-5. Form MM9876RNQ-0, EE11865-0, MM2580-8, and MM1542A-34 added. June 11th