Data Release Notes for May 28th, 2019

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms. Prudential Forms were added to our system.


  • John Hancock Rate Update and Name Change
    John Hancock Term rates updated and name changed to Protection Term. April 29th
  • New North American Product Released
    New Classic Term rates released. 20 year term not included in release. May 6th
  • Banner Rates Updated
    Banner and William Penn term rates updated and set live. May 13th
  • State added to Pacific Life GUL
    California added to Pacific Life Promise GUL rates. May 13th
  • Cincinnati Rates Updated
    Cincinnati ROP Term updated. May 24th


  • North American Forms Updated
    Forms ICC16L3189B, L-3189B, L-3190A and L-3190A-AR updated to 4/19 versions. April 29th
  • Principal Forms Updated
    Form EE11865-1 updated to EE11865-2 and form MM2580-9 updated. April 29th
  • Principal Forms Updated
    Forms AA4030-1, AA4030-0, AA4030CA-0, AA4030S-0, AA4030FL-0, AA3470FL-1, AA3470S-1, AA3470NY-1, AA3470-1, and AA3470-2 updated. May 6th
  • Protective Applications Updated
    Income Builder applications, and Applications for Conversion or Exchange - VUL updated. VUL Premium Payment Allocation forms added. May 7th
  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    Forms LF11276 and LF11276_VI updated. May 10th
  • Lincoln Forms Updated, Added, and Products Added to Forms
    Forms LFF10878A-26, LFF10878B-26, LF11876, LFF11880, LF06640, LF06641, LF10975, and LF10975-18 updated. Form ICC19LTCF11886 added. Products WealthAccumulate IUL (2019) and WealthPreserve IUL (2017) added to forms GB06735, ICC11LTC06291, ICC18LTCF11776, ICC18LTCF11781, LTC06291-01, LTC06291SC, LTC06291SC-01, LTC06291WA, LTC06291WI, and LTC11786. FL added to LFF11798. DE added to product WealthAccumulate IUL (2019). May 13th
  • Pacific Life Forms Added
    Chronic Illness Supplemental forms 15-50102-00, 15-50103-00, 15-50105-00, 15-50106-00, and Chronic Illness Rider Disclosure added. May 13th
  • Lincoln Products Added
    Products VUL One (2019) and VUL One (2019) – LincXpress added to the forms. May 14th
  • North American Form Updated
    Form L-3242NSFL updated. May 15th
  • Lincoln Form Updated
    Form ICC19LTCF11886 updated. May 16th
  • SBLI Forms Updated and Added
    Form ICC13A-92 updated to ICC18-A-PT2, A-92 to 18-A-PT2, A-92 to 18-A-PT2-CA, A-92 to 18-A-PT2-DC, DA-92 to 18-A-PT2-CT, A-92FL to 18-A-PT2-FL, ICC16-A-90 to ICC18-A-CRA, 16-A-90 to 18-A-CRA, 16-A-90-CT to 18-A-CRA-CT, 16-A-90-FL to 18-A-CRA-FL, and A-91.3 to 17-A-91-CA. Form ICC18-AQ-45 added. May 16th
  • Principal Form Updated
    Form DD425-44 updated. May 20th
  • Prudential Added
    All Prudential forms added back to forms engine. May 24th
  • Lincoln States Added
    States AR, MD, MO, WA added to most recent LifeElements update. May 28th