Mobile App Release Notes - Version 4.10.0

Changes and fixes included in mobile app update 4.10.0. This includes improvements on tablet devices.


  • Landscape Mode

Tablets can now be used in landscape mode! Minor tablet-specific layout improvements have also been made throughout the app.


  • Dismiss filtering view by tapping the quote list.

Previously users needed to tap the filter icon to return to the quote results. The quote filtering view can now be dismissed by simply tapping the quote list.

  • Improved State text input to make the autofill option more visible.

Text inputs such as the one for State will now stay above the keyboard, making the autofill option more visible.

  • New animations have been added and existing animations have been improved.

  • Minor performance improvements were made.


  • Filtering quotes with an online application would sometimes cause the app to crash. This has been fixed.

  • On the carrier limiting screen, if a carrier logo fails to load, its name will now display instead.