Mobile App Release Notes - Version 4.4.0

These changes apply to all mobile apps on version 4.4.0 or higher


  • ApplicInt Integration SSO enabled
    It is now possible to bypass the ApplicInt login screen when submitting ExpressComplete applications. This needs to be set up on a by-user basis using a Trusted Code generated in ApplicInt's system. Contact our support team at or call 800-250-5152 #2 to learn more about setting up ApplicInt SSO. 
    Tools Effected: Life Quotes, E-Tickets


  • Device status bar is now displayed within the app

  • Special notices from carriers added for certain product quotes
    If a carrier has certain parameters for a product (like it can only be submitted via e-app, for example) a notice will appear on the product in the quote results. Details of the notice can be viewed when tapped. 
    Tools Effected: Life Quotes

  • Custom text input options are more visible
    Custom text inputs, such as custom face amounts, are now easier to see. This has been moved from being the top option in the scroll area, to being a button beneath the scroll area of those fields.
    Tools Effected: Life Quotes, Underwriting Prescreener, Needs Analysis


  • User Interface improvements
    Text input fields improved to allow more editing and utilization of specific keyboard types. Visual enhancements. Faster loading times generally, but especially in the Videos and Resources tools. Getting Quotes text in ad space has been animated to easier distinguish when to continue to quotes. Layout improvements for tablet.

  • General bug fixes and improvements
    User interface bugs have been addressed. Overall app stability improvements. For example, if the ad expires, the app will no longer freeze between the quote criteria and quote results, but will show your logo instead.