Mobile App Release Notes - Version 4.5.0

These changes apply to app mobile apps on version 4.5.0 or higher


  • More entries available on Contact Us screen
    You can now add multiple sections to the Contact Us screen. This will enable agecies to include more than one address, phone number, and email contact. There is no limit to how many sections can be added. There can only be one address, email, and phone number per section. Contact if you would like to add more information to the Contact Us screen of your app. 
    Tools Effected: Contact Us

  • Number of Webviews available in the Menu increased to 6
    The number of Webviews you can have in the menu has increased from 3 to 6. If you would like to add additional webview links to the Menu of your app, contact and we will be happy to add those links to your app.
    Tools Effected: Webviews, Menu

  • Send Hyperlinks in Push Notifications
    You can now send hyperlinks in Push Notifications. When the notification is opened in the app, clicking the text will open the link in a webview within the app. Please note that links to websites without SSL certificates may not display.
    Tools Effected: Notifications


  • Consumer Quoter reflects same default State as Life Quotes tool
    Previously the Consumer Quoter default State was always California. It now can be configured to the same default State as the Life Quotes tool. Additionally, the Consumer Quoter saves the quote criteria of the last quote run on that device.
    Tools Effected: Consumer Quoter

  • Adjustment to the Agent Search option
    The agent search option has been adjusted to show agents in the default State in the initial search results. Previously the agents search showed agents in California first.
    Tools Effected: Consumer Quoter 

  • State Displayed in E-Ticket fields
    State is now displayed in E-Ticket field under Client Address. This will also display for tickets submitted prior to this update.
    Tools Effected: E-Tickets


  • Lead Notification records the correct State
    A bug causing lead notifications to always show the default state has been corrected.

  • ApplicInt Integration error message more visible
    If there is an error that prevents the ApplicInt Integration from moving to the ApplicInt screen (such as invalid credentials or an unsupported carrier/product) a pop-up explaining the error will appear.

  • Loading indicator added while Webviews are loading
    Sometimes it may take a few moments for a webview to load. Before it would only show a white screen while the webview is loading. A loading indicator has been added to remove confusion.