Mobile App Release Notes - Version 4.6.0

These changes apply to all mobile apps on version 4.6.0 or higher.


  • Button Added to Webviews
    A button is now available on the webview to open the currently viewed webpage in a browser. This should resolve issues where a webpages do not display in a webview.
    Tools Effected: Webviews


  • Agent contact in consumer quoter no longer requires address and phone number.
    A bug caused the app to crash if a consumer selected an agent that did not have a phone number or address listed. This has been corrected so the contact displays regardless of missing info.
    Tools Effected: Consumer Quoter

  • Clarified language in E-tickets tool
    The language for Submitted tickets has been adjusted to be more clear what stage of the process the ticket is on.
    Tools Effected: E-Tickets Tool

  • Incomplete E-ticket error fix
    Some E-tickets when viewed in the E-ticket tool would cause the app to crash when opened. This was caused by E-tickets that were started but never completed. This has been corrected.
    Tools Effected: E-Tickets Tool

  • Android back button fix
    The Android hardware back button will now navigate up directories in the Resources tool as expected.
    Tools Effected: Resources Tool