Mobile App Release Notes - Version 4.9.0

Changes and fixes included in mobile app update 4.9.0 These updates are for the Life Quotes tool in the app.


  • Ability to quote multiple Health Categories and Product Types at once

You can now select multiple Health Categories and Product Types at once in the Quote Criteria. This allows agents to find and compare different quotes more quickly without running multiple quotes. Please note that if a set of selected criteria will yield over 100 results, you may be asked to adjust your selection.

  • Ability to quote Substandard Health Categories

Tables A-N are now quotable in addition to the Standard Health Categories. If you would like to quote substandard rates, it is only necessary to select the desired Table rate, not Standard as well. This is so the Standard and Substandard rates can be run and compared in the same quote.

  • Ability to Limit Carriers selected for a specific quote

Agents are now able to further limit the number of carriers quoted from the list of available carriers for that agency.

  • Ability to Quote Riders

Now able to Quote Accidental Death Benefit, Waiver of Premium, and Child Riders

  • Advanced filtering options

Quote results can be filtered by Health Categories, Product Types, Premium Range, and available Electronic Application. Quote results can also be sorted by Premium or Carrier Name in both ascending and descending order.

  • Search added to Quote Results

Quote results can be searched by carrier or product name.


  • Changes to the interface of the Life Quotes tool to allow for new features

To accommodate all the new functionality, the interface of the Life Quotes tools has been adjusted. The tool now starts on the Quote Results screen, with the Quote Criteria screen being accessible through the calculator button in the lower right corner of the tool. Visual improvements have been made to add simplicity and clarity to the Quote Criteria and Quote Results.

  • Quote results will now be preserved until the app is closed or has been inactive for a long period of time.

  • Payment mode selection moved to the new quote result filtering section

  • Number of quotes in results displayed at the top of the Quote Results screen

The number of quotes in the results is displayed at the top of the Quote Results. This allows agents to see at a glance how many quote options are available based on the criteria and filtering. This number can also be viewed at the bottom of the filtering screen.

  • Ability to move between Quote Criteria and Quote results without running a new quote

Previously, in order to view the quote criteria after a quote was run, an agent would need to back out of the quote results, view the criteria, then run a new quote to view the quote results again. Agents can now go back and forth between these screens without running a new quote.


  • Ad duration now reflects duration set in Dashboard
    A bug preventing the set duration to be used has been fixed. Now the if quotes are loaded before the duration has been reached, the ad will remain until the ad duration has been met.