Data Release Notes for April 24th, 2020

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • Principal Rates Updated
    Principal term rates repriced. March 28th
  • States Added to Principal
    California added to Principal term rates. March 31st
  • Mutual of Omaha Rates Updated
    Mutual of Omaha Term Life Answers rates repriced. April 1st
  • North American Premium Limited
    $100,000 annual premium limit added to North American GUL. April 1st
  • Assurity Rates Updated
    Assurity term rates updated. April 1st
  • Pacific Life Face Amount Limit
    $2.5 mil face amount limit added to Pacific Life Promise GUL. April 1st
  • Banner and William Penn Rates Updated
    Banner and William Penn OPTerm rates repriced. April 2nd
  • Prudential Term Lengths Limited
    Prudential 30 year terms limited for Term Essential and Term Elite. April 13th
  • Prudential Duration Removed
    Prudential UL Protector Single Pay removed. April 13th
  • Lincoln Rates Updated
    Lincoln TermAccel rates repriced. April 13th
  • Protective Rates Updated
    Protective Classic Choice Term repriced, new 35- and 40-year terms added. April 20th
  • Protective Product Added
    Protective product Lifetime Assurance UL added. April 20th
  • Royal Neighbor Product Removed, Age Limits
    Royal Neighbor Simplified Issue Whole Life - Graded Benefit removed and ages 81+ limited on Simplified Issue Whole Life. April 24th


  • Protective Forms Updated
    Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity Packets and Indexed Annuity II App Packets updated. March 23rd
  • North American Forms Updated/Added
    Forms ICC19L3208B (4-19), ICC19L3208BMD, L-3208B, L-3208BFL, ICC16L3205 (4-19), L-3205, L-3205FL, ICC19L3215A (4-19), ICC19L3215AMD, L-3215A, L-3215AFL, ICC19L3214B (4-19), ICC19L3214BMD, L-3214B, L-3214BFL, ICC19L3186B (4-19), L-3186B, L-3186BFL, ICC19L3188B (4-19), L-3188B, L-3188BFL, ICC19L2977D (4-19), ICC19L2977DKS, ICC19L2977D (4-19), L-2977D, L-2977DFL, ICC19L2992C (4-19), L-2992C, L-2992CFL, ICC19L3219A (4-19), L-3219A, and L-3219AFL updated. Forms ICC19L3243 (4-19), L-3243, and L-3243FL added. March 27th
  • John Hancock Form Added
    Form Covid NM added. March 27th
  • North American Forms Updated
    Forms ICC19L3215AMD, ICC19L3215A, L-3215AMD, L-3215A, ICC19L3214B, ICC19L3214BMD, L-3214B, L-3214BFL, ICC19L3186B, L-3186B, L-3186BFL, ICC19L3188B, L-3188BFL, L-3188B, ICC19L2977D, ICC19L2977DKS, L-2977D, L-2977DFL, L-2992C, L-2992CFL, ICC19L2992C, L-3219AFL, L-3219A, ICC19L3219A, L-3243, L-3243FL, and ICC19L3243 updated. March 30th
  • AXA Forms Added
    AXA form suite added to IXN platform. March 30th
  • Lincoln Form Removed
    Form LFF10522-20 removed. April 1st
  • AIG Underwriting Guide Updated
    Underwriting guide updated. April 3rd
  • North American Form Added
    Form O-2000 added. April 6th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB5176NY, ICC18NB5019, and NB5019US updated. April 6th
  • AIG Form Updated
    Form AGLC108093-NY-2015-RV1019 updated. April 6th
  • John Hancock Form Updated
    Form NB5037CA updated. April 7th
  • Principal Forms Updated/Added
    Forms DD2558-2, DD9291-0, and CC324NY-3 added. Form DD2558-0 updated. April 13th
  • North American Forms Removed
    Forms ICC19L3186B (4-19), L-3186B, and L-3186BFL removed. April 14th