Data Release Notes for August 7th, 2020

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • Prudential Product Removed
    Prudential UL Protector rates removed. July 8th
  • Pacific Life Limits Updated
    Pacific Life COVID age limits revised. July 13th
  • Prudential Rates Updated
    Prudential Term Essential and Term Elite rates repriced. July 20th
  • Protective Rates Updated
    Protective Classic Choice Term rates repriced. July 20th
  • John Hancock Rates Updated
    John Hancock Protection and Vitality Term rates repriced. July 20th
  • American General Rates Updated
    American General Guaranteed Issue Whole Life rates repriced. July 24th


  • North American Forms Updated
    Forms O-1996FL, L-3204 (9-19) and DD Form 2885 updated. July 6th
  • Principal Forms Added
    Forms MM9230-12, MM11335-0, MM11336-0, MM11443-0, and MM11444-0 added. July 13th
  • SBLI Form Updated
    Form A-57VT updated. July 14th
  • North American Form Updated
    Form L-2412VT REV 5-02 updated to L-2412-1VT REV 9-19. July 14th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB5037GA, NB5037, NB5037MA, NB5037PA, NB5037UT, NB5037CA, NB5037FL, NB5037US, NB5054US, and NB5136NY updated. July 20th