Data Release Notes for February 14th, 2020

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • State Added to Principal GUL
    CA added to Principal Universal Life Protector V October update. January 8th
  • State Added to Columbus Life Rider
    CA added to Columbus Life Accidental Death Benefit rider. January 10th
  • Protective Rates Updated
    Protective Life Classic Choice Term rates updated. January 13th
  • States Added to Lincoln Term Rates
    States AR, MA, MD, MO & WA added to the November Lincoln LifeElements and TermAccel update. January 13th
  • State Added to Principal GUL
    NY added to Principal Universal Life Protector V. January 22nd
  • State Added to Protective UL
    CA added to Protective Custom Choice UL. January 28th
  • Symetra Rates Updated
    Symetra UL-G rates updated. January 31st
  • AIG Rates Updated
    AIG Select-A-Term rates updated. January 31st
  • Banner Rates Updated
    Banner and William Penn OP-Term rates updated. February 3rd
  • Logos Updated
    North American and Midland National logos updated. February 7th
  • Lincoln Rates Updated
    Lincoln TermAccel and LifeElements rates updated. February 10th


  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    Form LFF11694-2 updated. Forms BJ-01991G, BJF-00749H, BJF-00749I, ICC14LFF10881, LF06640_5-19, LF06660G, LF10796, LF10840, LF11803, LFF10267, LFF10267 series, and LFF10881 series forms removed from some products. January 7th
  • Lincoln Form Updated
    Form CS11761 updated. January 8th
  • AIG Form Updated
    Underwriting guide updated. January 10th
  • SBLI Forms Updated
    Forms ICC16-LA-CONVRSN, 16-LA-CONVRSN, 16-LA-CONVRSN-DC, and 16-LA-CONVRSN-FL updated. January 10th
  • Principal Form Updated
    Form BB11642-7 updated. January 13th
  • Transamerica Forms Updated
    Forms TOM 319V-1119, TOM 321V-1119, APF 1-1119, TOC 3V-1119, TOC 2V-1119, and TOP 288V-1119 updated. January 14th
  • Transamerica Product Added
    Final expense forms added. January 17th
  • Transamerica Form Updated
    Form F-AP-WL10NY-0518 updated. January 24th
  • AIG Forms Updated
    Forms AGLC200150, AGLC108107-NY-2019, and AGLC108226-SF Rev1219 updated. February 1st
  • Lincoln Form Updated
    Form Reg 187 updated. February 4th
  • Transamerica Forms Updated
    Forms OOSSDF0918,  and WithSurr2018 updated. February 4th
  • Protective Forms Updated
    PGIIA Packet forms updated. February 5th
  • State Removed from Forms
    FL removed from all Principal Individual Universal Life Accumulation forms. February 6th
  • AIG Form Updated
    Form AGLC0107 updated. February 6th
  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    Forms LF10087IN, LF10087PA, LF10087DE, LF10087MI, LF10087GA, LF10087KS, LF10087WY, and LFF10205 updated. February 8th
  • Principal Forms Updated
    Forms DD9349-0, DD1579-4, and DD9053V-0 updated. February 10th
  • John Hancock Form Updated
    Form ICC16 NB6007_VT updated. February 10th
  • Pacific Life Form Updated
    Form KS 15-46066-00 updated. February 11th
  • William Penn Form Updated
    Form Reg 187 updated. February 12th