Data Release Notes for January 2nd, 2020

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • States Added to Lincoln Term
    AK, MA, and OR added to TermAccel July update, MA and OR to LincElements July update. October 21st
  • Principal Rates Updated
    Principal UL Protector V updated. October 26th
  • Symetra Rates Updated
    Symetra UL-G rates updated. October 31st
  • Sons of Norway Rates Update
    Sons of Norway Guaranteed Issue Whole Life rates updated. November 1st
  • Prudential Rates Updated
    Prudential Term Essential and Term Elite rates updated. November 11th
  • Lincoln Rates Updated
    Lincoln LifeElement, TermAccel, and LGUL rates updated. November 11th
  • North American and Midland National Rates Updated
    GIUL rates updated. November 18th
  • Columbus Life Rates Updated
    Columbus Nautical Term rates updated. November 16th
  • Transamerica Rates Updated, States Removed
    Transamerica Trendsetter Super rates updated and states NY and VI discontinued. November 16th
  • John Hancock Rates Updated
    John Hancock Vitality Term and Protection Term rates updated and 30-year durations added. November 18th
  • State Added to Prudential
    Guam added to Prudential Term Essential and Term Elite reprice. November 25th
  • Protective Rates Updated
    Protective Advantage Choice UL rates updated. December 2nd
  • John Hancock Product Removed
    John Hancock UL-G rates discontinued. December 6th
  • American General Rates Updated
    AIG SCUL3 rates updated. December 6th
  • Transamerica Rates Updated
    Transamerica final expense rates updated. December 7th
  • Foresters Rates Updated
    Foresters PlanRight rates updated. Plans Level, Graded, and Modified changed to Preferred, Standard, and Basic. December 8th
  • States added Midland National/North American
    VI added to Midland National Premier Term and AL added to North American Classic Term. December 9th
  • Pacific Life Rates Updated
    Pacific Life Promise Term rates updated. December 16th
  • Midland National Product Removed
    Midland National Executive Term product removed. December 20th
  • State Added to Prudential
    NY added to Prudential Term Elite and Term Essential reprice. December 30th
  • Banner and William Penn Rates Updated
    Banner and William Penn LifeStep UL and OP Term rates updated. January 1st
  • Mutual of Omaha Rates Updated
    Mutual of Omaha Term Life Express and Living Promise rates updated. January 1st
  • American National Rates Updated
    American National SGUL NY rates updated. January 1st
  • Mutual of Omaha Product Removed
    Mutual of Omaha Guaranteed Universal Life discontinued. January 1st
  • Protective State Removed
    CA removed from Protective Custom Choice UL. January 1st
  • North American Products Removed
    North American products Legacy Optimizer, Rapid Builder IUL, Guarantee Builder IUL, Builder Plus  discontinued. January 1st


  • North American Form Updated
    North American form L-3204 updated. October 15th
  • Lincoln Forms Updated/Added
    Forms ICC19LTCF11886, ICC18LTCF11817, ICC18LTCF11776, ICC18LTCF11781, LF10244, and LF11276 updated. Forms LF11945 and LFF11946 added. October 21st
  • North American Form Updated
    Form L-2412WV updated. October 21st
  • Mutual of Omaha Form Updated
    Form MLU16886 updated. October 29th
  • Mutual of Omaha Forms Updated
    49500 forms updated and Indexed Universal Life Express product added to GULE/TLE application forms. November 1st
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms ICC16 NB6016, NB5136CA, NB5136FL, NB5136SD, NB5136US, and PS4089US updated. November 4th
  • Mutual of Omaha Form Added
    Form L8581_MD added. November 5th
  • Lincoln Forms Added
    Forms LTCF11776, LTCF11776-1, LTCF11776-10, LTCF11776-25, LTCF11776-31, LTCF11776-4, LTCF11781, LTCF11817, LTCF11817-1, LTCF11817-10,  LTCF11817-25, LTCF11817-31, LTCF11817-4, LTCF11817-43, and LTCF11817-47 added. November 8th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB5000US, NB5000GU, NB5000FL, NB6000UT, NB6000SC, NB6000PA, NB6000ME, and ICC19 NB6000 updated. November 25th
  • John Hancock Products Removed
    Products SmartProtect Term with Vitality, Accumulation SVUL, Protection SVUL, SUL-G, and UL-G removed. December 6th
  • Mutual of Omaha Form Updated
    Form AFN40375_1114 updated. December 10th
  • American General Forms Updated
    Forms AGLC108093, AGLC108093-FL, and ICC15-AGLC108093 updated. December 16th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB5176NY, NB5033CA, NB5033CA_AGE71PLUS, ICC16 NB6016, NB5136CA, NB5136FL, NB5136NY, NB5136SD, NB5136US, ICC19 NB5226, ICC19 NB5226ME, ICC19 NB5226PA, ICC19 NB5226SC, ICC19 NB5226UT, NB5226US, ICC19 NB6017, NB5176DE, NB5176FL, NB5176US, NB5033CA, and NB5033CA_AGE71PLUS updated. December 16th