Data Release Notes for March 20th, 2020

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • States Added to Lincoln
    AR, MA, MD, MO, OR & WA added to Lincoln TermAccel. February 24th
  • Symetra Rates Updated
    Symetra term rates repriced. March 12th


  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    33503 forms updated. February 18th
  • North American Forms Updated
    Forms L-3235NS and L-3235NSFL updated. February 24th
  • Principal Forms Added
    Forms AA4938FL-0, AA4938WY-0, AA4938-0, AA4938ST-0, AA4938CA-0, DD9180-0, and DD701VT-2 added. February 25th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    NB5226 forms updated. February 26th
  • North American Product Added
    Builder Plus IUL 2 forms added. February 27th
  • Transamerica Forms Updated
    Forms TOB 306-0811 IPO and W-9 updated. February 28th
  • AIG Form Updated
    Form AGLC108093-NY-2015 Rev1019 updated. March 2nd
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    NB5158 forms updated. March 2nd
  • Cincinnati Form Added
    Form CLI-8972 added. March 10th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms ICC20NB6014 and NB5124US updated. March 13th
  • Lincoln Forms Added
    Forms LTCF11886, LTCF11886-1, LTCF11886-4, LTCF11886-10, LTCF11886-25, LTCF11886-31, LTCF11886-43, and LTCF11886-47 added. March 13th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated and Added
    Forms NB5037NY, NB5015NY, NB5281CA, NB5136US, ICC19NB6016, and NB5136SD updated. Forms NB5228NY, NB5228US, PS5235US, PS5235NY and NB5282NY added. March 16th
  • SBLI Form Updated
    Form F-104 (PA) updated. March 17th