Data Release Notes for May 29th, 2020

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • Prudential Rates Updated
    Prudential UL Protector rates repriced. April 27th
  • Symetra Rates Updated
    Symetra UL-G rates updated. May 1st
  • American General Rates Updated
    AIG Select-A-Term rates updated. May 1st
  • Pacific Life Rates Updated
    Pacific Life Promise GUL rates updated. May 4th
  • Lincoln Rates Updated
    Lincoln GUL rates updated. May 11th
  • Protective Rates Updated
    Protective Classic Choice Term rates updated. May 18th
  • Prudential Rates Updated
    Prudential GUL NY rates updated. May 18th
  • Sagicor Rates Updated
    Sagicor term rates updated. May 21st


  • Transamerica Form Updated
    Form TOS2191118 updated. April 27th
  • AXA Forms Updated
    Forms ICC11-AXA-ILLeg, AXA-ILLeg-2011CA, AXA-ILLeg-2011 (PAV), AXA-ILLeg-2011NY, ICC14-AXA-ILLeg, AXA-ILLeg-2011, MLOA-ILOpt-2015CA, MLOA-ILOpt-2015, MLOA-ILOpt-2015 , ICC15-MLOA-ILOpt, AXA-ILOpt-2015NY, and ICC15-AXA-ILOpt updated. April 27th
  • Transamerica Form Added
    Form PRODREP187 PC added to packet MPS 1NY-107. May 1st
  • State Added to Mutual of Omaha Form
    UT added to form 109205. May 4th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB5211NY, NB5124NY, and NB5000NY updated. May 4th
  • Transamerica Form Updated
    Form MPS 1NY-107 updated. May 5th
  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    Forms CS11760, LF06657, LF11957_5-20, LF06641_5-20, LFF11524-4, LFF11524-40, LFF11524, and ICC16LFF11524 updated. May 9th
  • SBLI Form Added
    Form E-105UT added. May 13th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms PS5112NY, 18OCLTCR NJ, NB5230US_OK, NB5124NY, NB5211NY, NB5000NY, NB5136 forms, ICC16 NB6016,   ICC16NB6007 forms, and NB5033 forms updated. May 18th
  • Lincoln Forms Removed
    Forms LFF10987-25 and LFF10986-25 removed. May 27th
  • Mutual of Omaha Form Updated
    Form MLU17344_1009 updated to MLU17344_0620. May 29th