Data Release Notes for October 15th, 2019

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • State Added to Lincoln Reprice
    MN added to Lincoln TermAccel and LifeElements July reprice. September 16th
  • Mutual of Omaha Rates Updated
    GUL and GUL Express rates updated. October 1st
  • Prudential Product Removed
    ROP Term discontinued and removed from platform. October 1st
  • Final Expense Rates Added
    Final Expense added for Transamerica, Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, Royal Neighbors, Sons of Norway, and Prosperity. October 8th
  • Whole Life Rates Added
    Whole Life added for Sagicor. October 8th
  • AXA Rates Updated
    Term 160 released to replace Term 157. October 10th
  • Banner Rates Updated
    Legal and General and William Penn OPTerm rates updated. October 14th


  • Lincoln Forms Removed
    Forms LF10860, LF10860-2, and LF10860-18 removed from forms engine. September 10th
  • Transamerica Forms Updated
    Forms APA400313TFL, L123 1012T FL REV, L122 1012T FL REV and L 114 0113T FL updated. September 13th
  • Lincoln Forms Added
    Forms LF12009, LFF12008, and LF11957 added. September 16th
  • North American Form Removed
    Form O-2761 removed. September 17th
  • Protective Form Updated
    EOLI form updated. September 20th
  • Lincoln Forms Removed
    Forms LFF10987-11, LFF10987-26, LFF10987-32, and LFF10987-37 removed. September 20th
  • Principal Form Updated
    Form AA4934ST-0 updated. September 23rd
  • American General Forms Updated
    Forms AGLC107631-2019, AGLC107631-CA-2019, AGLC107631-FL-2019, and ICC19-107631 updated from 2017 versions. October 7th
  • Principal Forms Added/Updated
    Form DD612-34 description updated, forms DD849R-4, DD849P-7, DD849S-4, DD2665FL-1, and EE11865CA-1 updated, form DD849Q-4 added. October 14th
  • Lincoln Forms Removed
    Forms LF11876 and LFF11880 removed. October 14th