Data Release Notes for September 9th, 2019

This includes updates and information about our Carrier rates and forms.


  • Banner Rates Updated
    Banner OPTerm rates updated and set live. August 19th
  • North American/Midland National Rates Updated, States Added, Product Name Updated
    North American Custom Guarantee UL and Midland National Essential Guarantee UL updated, CA added to previous term reprice and “with Living Benefits” removed from all term products. August 19th
  • States Added to Lincoln
    AR, MD, MO, and WA added to repriced Lincoln TermAccel and LifeElements rates. August 26th
  • Pacific Life Rates Updated
    Promise Term rates updated and set live. September 9th
  • States Added to John Hancock
    NY and GU added to John Hancock Protection Term, GU added to Vitality Term. September 9th


  • Protective Forms Updated
    Forms F-LAD-233, VUL Conversion Packets, ICC19-V3FUND, VUL-V3FUND-DC, VUL-V3FUND-FL, and VUL-V3FUND updated. August 15th
  • North American Form Updated
    Form L-3235NSFL updated. August 19th
  • Principal Product Added to Forms
    Indexed UL Accumulation II product added to forms. August 19th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms 14OCLTCR_AZ updated to 18OCLTCR_AZ, 14OCLTCR_DC updated to 18OCLTCR_DC, 14OCLTCR_DE updated to 18OCLTCR_DE, 14OCLTCR_IN updated to 18OCLTCR_IN, 14OCLTCR_ND updated to 18OCLTCR_ND, and 18OCLTCR_CT, 18OCLTCR_GU, 18OCLTCR_HI, 18OCLTCR_SD, and ICC18 18OCLTCR updated. August 23rd
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms ICC 16 NB6007OR and ICC 16 NB6007OR_71+ updated. August 27th
  • Banner Forms Added, State Added
    Forms LP156 and LP156WP updated, DC added to IIPRC forms. August 27th
  • North American Forms Updated
    Forms O2897, O2898, and L-776 updated. August 29th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    NB5226, NB5075, NB5037, NB5000, and NB6000 form groups updated. September 3rd
  • State Added to Principal
    FL added to Principal Indexed UL Accumulation II product. September 9th