Data Release Notes December 2020

This includes information and updates pertaining to our carrier rates and forms.


  • Protective Maximum Premium Limit
    500,000 maximum premium limit set. December 4th  
  • Symetra Product Discontinued 
    Symetra UL-G product discontinued. December 31st


  • Transamerica Form Removed
    Form WithSurr1217 removed. December 4th
  • Prudential Forms Updated 
    Forms 1008238, 101194, ORD114120 updated. December 7th 
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Forms ICC16NB6019, NB5034NY, NB5034US, NB5064NY, NB5064US, NB5139FL, NB5139US updated. December 7th
  • Principal Form Updated
    Form DD942WA-8 updated. December 8th 
  • North American Forms Added
    Forms L-3242CA and L-3235CA added. December 8th 
  • Transamerica Forms Updated/Added
    Forms APF1-1220, TOC2V-1220, TOC3V-1220, TOM319V-1220, TOM321V-1220, TOP288V-1220 updated. TOA520NY1020T, TOA522NY1120T, TOA5561120T, TOA5601020T added. December 8th 
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Forms NB5087NY, NB5087US, NB5230CA, NB5230DC, NB5230FL, NB5230MD, NB5230ME, NB5230MN, NB230OR, NB5230US, NB5230US_AL, NB5230US_AR, NB5230US_CO, NB5230US_KY, NB5230_NM, NB5230_OK, NB5230US_RI, NB5230US_TX, NB5230US_WV, NB5230UT, PS5101NY, PS5101US, PS5101WA, ICC19NB5171, NB1081NY, NB1081PA, NB1081US, NB1081WA, NB5035NY, NB5035US, NB5035WA, NB5171FL, NB5171NY, NB5171US, NB5183AK, NB5187IL, NB5228NY, NB5228US, PS5100NY, PS5100US, PS5100WA updated. December 14th 
  • Lincoln Forms Updated/Added
    Forms LTCF12125, LTCF12115, LTC12120 updated. LF12275 added. December 14th
  • North American Forms Updated Forms L-2335ND, L-2412CT, L-2412KY, L-2412ME, L-2412PA, L-2412UT updated. December 18th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Forms NB5193US and NB5240US updated. December 21st
  • Transamerica Form Updated
    Form 4506-C updated. December 22nd