Data Release Notes for October 2020

This includes updates and information pertaining to our Carrier rates and forms.


  • American General Underwriting Restrictions Updated
    American General COVID table rate age limits revised. October 2nd
  • Legal & General and William Penn Rates Updated 

    Legal and General/William Penn OPTerm rates updated. October 8th

  • Savings Bank Life Insurance Company (SBLI) Bands Updated 
    SBLI Band 3 updated $500,000-$750,000/Band 4 $750,001-$999,999. October 15th
  • Trinity Life Rates Added
    Trinity Life rates added to the IXN platform. October 15th 
  • Protective Rates Updated 
    Protective Advantage Choice UL reprice, and Classic Choice Term Reprice. October 19th


  • Savings Bank Life Insurance Company (SBLI) Form Updated 
    Form ICC17-A-91 updated. October 8th
  • John Hancock Form Added
    Form NB5017MA added. October 8th 
  • Transamerica State Added to Form 
    MA added to form DMF2014. October 8th
  • Prudential Forms Updated/Removed
    Forms ORD114120, ORD96200BCA, ORD96200B, ORD96200BMA, ORD96200BNJ, ORD96200BNM, ORD96200BNY updated. 
    Form ORD88624MT removed. October 19th 
  • North American Forms Updated
    Forms O-2853 and O-2854 updated. October 20th 
  • Lincoln Forms Updated/Added 
    Forms ICC20LTCF12115, ICC20LTCF12119, ICC20LTCF12125, LTC12120, LTCF12115, LTCF12115-1, LTCF12115-25, LTCF12115-31, LTCF12119, LTCF12125, LTCF12125-1, LTCF12125-25, LTCF12125-31, LTCF12125-43, LTCF12125-47, LTC06291, LTC06291FL added. Forms ICC18LTCF11776, ICC18LTCF11781, ICC18LTCF11817, LTC11786, LTCF11776, LTCF11776-1, LTCF11776-25, LTCF11776-31, LTCF11781, LTCF11817, LTCF11817-1, LTCF11817-25, LTCF11817-31, LTCF11817-43, LTCF11817-47 updated. October 20th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms ICC16NB6005, ICC19NB6000KIT, ICC20NB5226KIT, ICC20NB6016, NB5136CA, NB5136FL, NB5136SD, NB5136US updated. October 21st 
  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    Forms LF11276, LF10244, GB06714 updated. October 22nd 
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Forms NB5000US_COV, NB5000NY_COV, NB5054US updated. October 23rd
  • William Penn Form Added 
    Form PR116 added. October 23rd
  • Legal & General State Removed/Form Added 
    MT removed from form LU-1250. 
    Form LR-63 added. October 23rd 
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Forms NB5025US, NB5025NY, NB5025FL, NB5025CA, ICC18NB5025, ICC20NB6017, NB5176US, NB5176FL, NB5176DE, NB3072US, NB4072NY, NB5075UT, NB5075US, NB5075SC, NB5075PA, NB5075NY, NB5075ME, NB5075FL, NB075CA, NB5052US updated. October 26th