Data Release notes for November 2020

This includes information and updates pertaining to our carrier rates and forms.


  • Lincoln NY Rates Added
    Lincoln LifeElements NY rates added to platform. November 4th 
  • Symetra Waiver of Premium Limit Updated
    Symetra WOP limit updated to 5,000,000. November 13th
  • Lincoln Products Name Changes
    WealthPreserve IUL changed to WealthPreserve 2 IUL. WealthAccumulate IUL changed to WealthAccumulate 2 IUL. November 16th 


  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB6000ME, NB6000PA, NB6000SC, NB6000UT, NB6002, NB6007, NB6001, NB5000CA, NB5000FL, NB5000GU, NB55000US, NB5015CA, NB5015FL, NB5015NY, NB5015US, NB5033CA, NB5033FL, NB5033ND, NB5033US, NB5211CA, NB5211FL, NB5211NY, NB5211US, NB5176NY, NB5176US/CA updated. November 2nd 
  • Protective Form Added 
    Form ICC13-PU410 added to all states. November 4th 
  • Prudential Forms Added
    All forms added applicable to the PruLife Essential UL product. November 5th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms NB5059US, ICC16 NB6004, NB5004KS, NB5004ND, NB5004NY, NB5004SD, NB5004US, NB5006NY, ICC16 NB6006, NB5006US, NB3497FL, NB3497NY, NB3497CA, NB3497US, ICC19NB5037, ICC19 NB5037MA, ICC19 NB5037PA, ICC19 NB5037GA, ICC19 NB5037UT, NB5037CA, NB5037FL, NB5037US, ICC20 NB5226SC, ICC20 NB5226ME, ICC20 NB5226PA, ICC20 NB5226UT, NB5226CA, NB5226US, NB5226FL updated. November 9th
  • Protective Forms Added 
    All forms added applicable to the Lifetime Assurance UL product. November 9th
  • American General Form Added
    Form AGLC108493-2015Rev1019 added. November 12th 
  • Lincoln Form Updated
    Form GB06714 added. November 12th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Form ICC16NB6008, ICC16NB6009, ICC16NB6010, ICC16NB6011, ICC16NB6012, ICC16NB6013, ICC16NB6018, ICC20NB6014, NB4797NY, NB4797US, NB5002FL, NB5002ND, NB5002NY, NB5002US(16), NB5002US(07), NB5009FL, NB5009NY, NB5009US, NB5010FL, NB5010NY, NB5010US, NB5016FL, NB5016NY, NB5016US, NB5022FL, NB5022NY, NB5022US, NB5026FL, NB5026NY, NB5026US, NB5109NY, NB5109US, NB5109WA, NB5124FL, NB5124NY, NB5124US, NB5125FL, NB5125NY, NB5125US updated. November 16th 
  • Lincoln Forms Added/Updated/Removed  
    New forms LF12215, LFF12212, LF12211, LFF12214, LTCF12115-41 added. CS06711 updated. LF12009, LF11945, LFF11946, LFF12008 removed. November 16th 
  • John Hancock Forms Updated/Added
    Forms ICC18NB5019, ICC20180CLTCR, NB5011AK, NB5011MD, NB5011MO, NB5011MT, NB5011US, NB5011VA, NB5017CA, NB5017DC, NB5017DE, NB5017GA, NB5017ID, NB5017IL, NB5017IN, NB5017KS, NB5017MA, NB5017MI, NB5017NV, NB5017OK, NB5017PA, NB5017TN, NB5017US, NB5019CA, NB5019FL, NB5019MT, NB5019US, NB5135AR, NB5198RI, NB5198RI_NB5011US, NB5201WY, NB5210MN, NB5232CO, NB5232FL, NB5232NC, NB5232NM, NB5232OR, NB5232SC, NB5232TX, NB5232US, NB5232UT updated. NB5266SC, NB5259KS added. November 30th