Data Release Notes for October 7th, 2020

Below are data release notes for "Rates" & "Forms."


  • Sagicor Rates Updated
    Sagicor Sage Term updated. August 8th
  • Lincoln Rates Updated
    Lincoln TermAccel and LifeElements rates updated. August 10th
  • Legal and General and William Penn Rates Updated
    Legal and General/William Penn OPTerm rates updated. August 11th
  • State Added to Prudential Rates
    Guam added to Prudential Term Essential and Term Elite rates. August 31st
  • State Added to North American Rates
    Virgin Islands added to North American Strategic Protector and EGUL5 rates. September 2nd
  • United States Life Rates Updated
    United States Life (AIG in NY) Select-a-Term rates updated. September 11th
  • States Added to Lincoln Updated Rates
    States AR, MA, MD, MO, and WA added to Lincoln LifeElements and TermAccel last reprice. September 14th





  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    Forms GB10877, ICC13LFF10249, ICC15LFF06308, ICC15LFF10987, ICC16LFF06369, LF06658, LF06660, LF06660-37, LF10704, LF11519, LF11521, LF06658, LF06660, LF06660-37, LF10704, LF11519, LF11521, LF11522, LF11574, LFF06306-4, LFF063J08, LFF06369, LFF10249, LFF10857058, LFF10858, LFF10869-58, LFF10987, LFF11703-28,33503CA, 33503FL-b, 33503ID, 33503IL, 33503MA, 33503OK, 33503TN, BJ-03400PA, BJ-5368B, BJ-7157B, BJ-7211B, BJ-7930B, BJ-8191, BJ-8297B, and BJ-8298 updated. August 12th
  • Transamerica Form Updated
    Form TOB 306-0220 IPO updated. August 14th
  • Prudential Forms Added/Updated
    Forms ORD115116 and ORD96200 FL added. Forms ORD113034, ORD96200 NY, and ORD115640 updated. August 17th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms ICC16NB6007, NB5033CA, NB5033FL, NB5033ND, and NB5033US updated. August 24th
  • Prudential Form Updated
    Form ORD 113034 updated. August 24th
  • Lincoln Form Removed
    Form LF11276_VI removed. August 24th
  • John Hancock Form Added
    Form AG2029USKIT added. August 24th
  • Sagicor Underwriting Guide Updated
    Underwriting guide updated. August 25th
  • Prudential Form Added
    Form ORD 96200UL IUL NJ added. August 28th
  • John Hancock Form Updated
    Form NB5124US updated. September 1st
  • North American Form Updated
    Form O-2888 updated. September 1st
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms ICC20 NB6016, NB5136CA, NB5136FL, NB5136SD, and NB5136US updated. September 8th
  • Lincoln Forms Updated
    Products AssetEdge VUL, AssetEdge EXEC VUL and AssetEdge EXEC VUL – LincXpress added to below forms: ICC11LTC06291, LTC06291 LTC06291-01, LTC06291FL (AssetEdge VUL only)LTC06291SC, LTC06291SC-01, LTC06291WA, LTC06291WI, ICC18LFF11798, LFF11798, LFF11798-11, LFF11798-26, LFF11798-32, LFF11798-37, ICC18LTCF11776, LTCF11776, LTCF11776-1, LTCF11776-10, LTCF11776-25, LTCF11776-31, LTCF11776-4 (AssetEdge VUL only)ICC18LTCF11781, LTCF11781, ICC19LTCF11886, LTCF11886, LTCF11886-1, LTCF11886-10, LTCF11886-25, LTCF11886-31, LTCF11886-4 (AssetEdge VUL only)LTCF11886-43, LTCF11886-47.
    Forms LF11957_5-20, LF11520, LF11518, LF10087VA, ICC15LFF06307, GB06714, CS06711, BJ-8256, BJ-7108B, and BJ-7091B updated. September 17th
  • Assurity Forms Removed
    Assurity stopped supporting external vendors, so forms were removed from platform. September 21st
  • Mutual of Omaha Forms Added and Removed
    Form L8360 added, forms ICC09L020A and ICC09L021A removed. September 23rd
  • Prudential Forms Updated
    Forms ORD112719 and ORD99492 updated. September 24th
  • American General Forms Added
    Forms AGLC108873VPP, AGLC108873MAX, and AGLC108873-NY added. September 25th
  • John Hancock Forms Updated
    Forms ICC20 NB6017, NB5176FL, NB5176DE, and NB5176US updated. September 28th