Data Release Notes January 2021

This includes information and updates pertaining to our carrier rates and forms.


  • Legal & General and William Penn Rates Updated 
    Legal and General/William Penn OPTerm rates updated. January 6th
  • Protective Rates Updated with Issue Age Expansion
    Protective Classic Choice Term rates updated, and issue ages expanded. January 11th
  • Sagicor Product Discontinued
    Sagicor No Lapse UL rates removed. January 15th
  • American General Rates Updated
    AIG Select-a-Term rates updated and COVID guidelines adjustment. January 15th 
  • Principal Product Removed 
    Principal UL Protector V product removed. January 15th
  • Lincoln States Added 
    Lincoln states: AR, MA, MD, MO, and WA added to term products. January 25th 


  • Mutual of Omaha Form Updated 
    Form 4506-C updated. January 1st 
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Forms ICC13NB5018, ICC20NB6016, NB5018FL, NB5018US, NB5018IN, NB5018MT, NB5018NJ, NB5018NY, NB5019CA, NB5032CA, NB5042FL, NB5117NY, NB5117US, NB5117WA, NB5136CA, NB5136FL, NB5136NY, NB5136SD, NB5136US, NB5158NY, NB5158US, NB5158WA, NB5200NY, NB5200US, NB5231US, NB5281CA, NB5282NY, PS5145NY, PS5145US, PS5145WA updated. January 18th 
  • Lincoln Forms Removed/Added/Updated  
    Forms LF11945, LFF11946, LF12009, LFF12008 removed. LTCF12115-10, LTCF12125-10 added. LTCF12115-4 LTCF12125-4 updated. January 19th
  • Prudential Form Added 
    Form D6021 Privacy Notice added. January 21st
  • Prudential Forms Removed 
    All forms related to PruLife Index Advantage UL (NY only) removed. January 22nd 
  • Pacific Life Form Updated 
    Form WA HIV updated. January 29th