Data Release Notes March 2021

This includes information and updates pertaining to our carrier rates and forms.


  • Protective Rates Updated
    Protective Classic Choice Term rates updated NY only, and Lifetime Assurance UL updated. March 1st
  • Legal & General and William Penn Rates Updated 
    Banner and William Penn OPTerm rates updated. March 8th 
  • Lincoln Rates Updated
    Lincoln Life Elements and TermAccel rates updated. March 15th
  • Symetra Product Limits 
    Symetra Term4.0 face amount limit not to exceed $20,000,000. Premium amount limit not to exceed $1,000,000. March 16th 
  • Prudential State Added 
    Prudential state DE added to term products. March 22nd
  • Lincoln State Added
    Lincoln state OR added to term products. March 29th


  • Prudential Forms Updated 
    Forms ORD_96200, ORD_96200CT, ORD_96200FL, ORD_96200GA, ORD_96200IN, ORD_96200ME, ORD_96200MN, ORD_96200MO, ORD_96200NJ, ORD_96200NV, ORD_96200NY, ORD_96200OR, ORD_96200IL, ORD_96200AK, ORD_96200NH, ORD_96200MD, ORD_96200MA, ORD_96200VT, ORD_99606NY, ORD_96599UL, ORD_96599UL_NY. add ORD_112674UT updated. March 1st 
  • North American Forms Updated
    Forms ICC16L3189B, L-3189B, L-3190A, L-3190A-AR, O-2800, O-2882 updated. March 15th 
  • John Hancock Forms Updated 
    Forms ICC20NB6017, NB5176DE, NB5176FL, NB5176US, ICC21NB5025, NB3497CA, NB5017PR, NB5025CA, NB5046WA, NB5211CA, NB5226CA, PS5112CA, NB5000NY updated. March 15th 
  • Transamerica Forms Added
    Forms ECONS2017 and EINFOC0716 added. March 15th
  • American General Forms Updated
    Forms updated with new address. March 31st