Form Engine Overview

This video quickly walks through the basic features of the Form Engine


The Forms Engine is used to find and download specific paper forms from the carriers. If your brokerage has both an Agency Life Quoter and Form Engine, forms can also be accessed and downloaded from the Agency Life Quoter as well.

On the first screen of the Form Engine there is a prompt to enter the required information to generate forms. The required fields are Carrier, Product and State. Additional fields are available to fine-tune the search results further.

After entering the required information, click the View Forms button, and after a moment the forms list will display. There are two ways to view this list. The default view is the grid view which shows a preview of each form along with the form name. Alternatively, selecting the list view will show just the title and additional information for each from in a condensed list. In either view the user can check which forms to download. In the grid view this is done by clicking the form preview image. In the list view there is a checkbox to the left of each form option. There is also a Select All option at the top of the forms list. 

To filter down the form results further, use the categories or search option in the criteria. For example, finding the Required New Business forms can be an easy process using categories. Each form will have a variety of tags as they will apply to different categories. Check the box next to the desired category or categories and select View Forms again. This time, just the forms for the selected category will be listed. The same is true if searching for forms using the search bar function. If you know the name form needed, you can use the search option to view and select the specific form.

Selections between searches will be saved, so users can search multiple categories and searches to add the selections to the same form packet. Once the selections have been made, the user can download, email, or text the form selection. Once downloaded, all forms selected are bundled together into one fillable pdf. 

If you have any questions or feedback about the Form Engine, feel free to reach out to our support team at or 800-250-5251 and we would be happy to help.