Getting Started with the Pacific Life E-Ticket

The Pacific Life E-Ticket with IXN allows agents to quickly and easily submit business through the Agency Life Quoter and Mobile App

Supported Products

This E-Ticket is available for the following Pacific Life Insurance Company Products products

  • Promise Term 10
  • Promise Term 15
  • Promise Term 20
  • Promise Term 25
  • Promise Term 30
  • Promise GUL - 10 Pay
  • Promise GUL - 20 Pay
  • Promise GUL - Pay to 100
  • Promise GUL - Pay to 65
  • Promise GUL - Single Pay
  • Promise GUL - To 121
  • Promise GUL - To Age 100
  • Promise GUL - To Age 105
  • Promise GUL - To Age 110
  • Promise GUL - To Age 85
  • Promise GUL - To Age 90
  • Promise GUL - To Age 95

Agency Requirements

Agencies should be contracted with Pacific Life before submitting e-tickets.

  • The agency contract number with Pacific Life is not needed to start using this E-Ticket. To get started, please email or call 800-250-5152 #2 and let our support team know you would like to use the Pacific Life E-Ticket. Our support team will be able to add the integration to your Agency Life Quoter and Mobile App in your behalf.

    Agent Requirements

    Agents are required to enter a Producer Code to submit the e-ticket.

    • The Producer Code will be how Pacific Life associated the submission with the correct agent and agency. Pacific Life does have some mechanics in place to account for incorrect Producer Codes or agents that are not contracted yet, but we recommend agents contact their brokerage to make sure you have the correct Producer Code if using this E-Ticket option.

    Tracking E-tickets

    • At the moment the E-Ticket is submitted to Pacific Life, the confirmation screen will show the Policy Number associated with that ticket. This can be used to track the ticket with Pacific Life
    • Information is submitted to the Pacific Life Fulfillment Center. An interview with the client is conducted and all required forms with complete information are produced. 

    Questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out to our Support Team at or call 800-250-5152 #2.