Getting started with the SBLI E-Ticket

The SBLI E-Ticket with IXN allows agents to quickly and easily submit business through the Agency Life Quoter and Mobile App

Supported Products

This E-Ticket is available for the following SBLI and Centrian Life Insurance products

  • T-10/10 - 10 Year Term 
  • T-15/15 - 15 Year Term
  • T-20/20 - 20 Year Term 
  • T-25/25 - 25 Year Term
  • T-30/30 - 30 Year Term

Agency Requirements

Agencies are required to be contracted with SBLI before submitting e-tickets.

  • Each agency will need to have an Agency Code for SBLI to use the E-Ticket. To get started, please email or call 800-250-5152 #2 and let our support team know you would like to use the SBLI E-Ticket. Provide your SBLI Agency Code to our team to complete setup.
  • Agencies not currently contracted with SBLI should submit the appropriate paperwork to They will then be contacted by SBLI licensing within 24-48 hours.

Agent Requirements

Agents are required to enter an Agent Code to submit the e-ticket.

  • In situations where an agent code is pending or they are not yet contracted with SBLI, the agent may enter "00000" as a default. They will then be contacted by SBLI New Business to validate the agent code.

Tracking E-tickets

  • Agencies may go to to check the status of e-tickets submitted.  Register on the site for access.

    • To set-up access visit and click on the Menu tab in the upper right corner. Then select the Client Registration tab in the drop down. Upon completion, a regional office representative will be in contact to complete setup.

  • Agents may also go to to check the status of tickets submitted. In cases where a default agent code or incorrect agent code were entered during submission, the agent will not be able to view those e-tickets on the APPSLive website.
  • APPS will contact the client on behalf of SBLI to complete the Telemed interview.

Questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out to our Support Team at or call 800-250-5152 #2.