Members Overview

This short video covers the members section of the Dashboard as well as member permissions and roles.

This overview will be going over the Members section and member roles of the Dashboard. Starting with the Admin role, we will cover the different roles and what each has access to. 


Admins have access to everything the Dashboard has to offer. User settings can be found by selecting the member icon in the upper right corner, then selecting My Account from the drop down. Admins automatically have permissions for Billing, Agency Forms and Notification Triggers. They are also the only role that sees the Members tab in left menu. In addition to the Members section, Admins have access to all Leads E-tickets and E-apps records of the other Users. 

The Members section of the Dashboard

In Members, Admins can search the member list for specific members by name or email. They can also send push notifications to all members or to individual members. Admins have the option to export the member list as a .csv file or import members in bulk via .csv by following the formatting instructions provided after selecting the Import option. Members can also be added one at a time from this section. 

At the top level in the members sections, Admins can see the name, phone number, and email of each member. They can also view the roles of the other users whether they be Admins, Sales Reps, or Members.  Admins can assign users to be managed by other users. The main use case for this function is assigning Sales Reps to Members. Included in the information viewable about each user, in the Members section are the dates for when a user was created and the last time they were active. Lastly, you can remove a member from your Dashboard with the red minus icon at the end member's row of information.

Clicking into an individual member provides more information and options. Admins can view and edit personal information for their members and can assist in changing passwords. In the licensing and contracting section, the agent's contracting information can be entered which can be pre-filled into certain integrations when the agent is logged in. At the bottom of the user information screen is where Admins can change the Roles of users. Most users will be Members. Users can be given certain permissions without changing the Role. This can be handy in dividing tasks between staff without giving them access to everything an Admin can access. 

Sales Rep

The Sales Rep role is a mid-level role that can have members assigned to them as well as their own products assigned to them. When a Sales Rep logs into the Dashboard, they will be able to see only the products assigned to them. If they have members assigned to them, Sales Reps will be able to see the Leads, E-tickets, and E-apps of those members. For example, a Sales Rep can see the leads that have come through on their assigned members' Website Quoters. The Sales Rep can then assign those leads to any of the members they have access to. 


Last is the Members role. This is the default role of any new user added to the Dashboard, such as those that sign up for the Mobile App. Members that login to the Dashboard can only view their own account information and their own leads, E-tickets and E-apps. They will also be able to view and edit products that have been assigned to them. Members may not login to the Dashboard often, but it is a good resource for them to view logs of their activity as well as access any E-apps they have started.


If you have any questions of feedback feel free to contact our support team at or call 800-250-5152 and we'd be happy to help.