Pacific Life E-Ticket Overview

This video walks through the Pacific Life E-Ticket process on both the Mobile App and Agency Life Quoter

The Pacific Life E-Ticket is now available on the Mobile App and Agency Life Quoter. This ticket is designed for agent use for both Term and GUL and is a fast, efficient method to submit directly to the carrier. With this integration, the E-Ticket is submitted directly to Pacific Life and processed by their team.

Starting the E-Ticket on the Mobile App

Starting in the life quotes tool, enter the quote criteria for the client.

After a moment the Quote Results will display. You are able to filter down the results to just those with an online submission process from the filtering feature in the upper right of the quote list. Any carrier with an E-Ticket available should display, with Pacific Life  showing as one of the options. Tap the Pacific Life quote card to continue.

On the following screen some information about the carrier and product are displayed. At the bottom of this screen select the "Get Started" button. Tapping this button will show all the actions available for this quote, including the E-Ticket. Select this option will begin the e-ticket process.

Starting the E-Ticket in the Agency Life Quoter

To start the E-Ticket in the Agency Life Quoter, go to the quote engine and enter your client's quote criteria as normal. Information about the Proposed Insured will be prefill into the e-ticket from what is entered in tha quote criteria. Select "Get Quotes."

Once in the quote results you can compare, share, and filter the results. Hovering over Pacific Life, you see the Get Started option appear. Select this to view all the Quote Actions available for the product. Choose the E-Ticket option for Pacific Life to start the same E-Ticket process as the Mobile App. It will prefill relevant information from the quote criteria and quote, and all the questions are responsive to ensure that you are entering the needed information for your policy.

Fields in the E-Ticket

The ticket starts with some important information to keep in mind provided by Pacific Life. This  lets you know that by choosing this E-Ticket process, you are aware that this is a simplified application process, and that client interview and all required forms will be completed by the Pacific Life Fulfillment Center.

Next you can start entering the information about the Proposed Insured. Some of this information will prefill from the quote, and you can view at the quote at any point in the process by tapping Quote at the bottom of the screen. Once you start entering information, the information saved for reference in the IXN Dashboard. Note that if you close out and do not complete the E-ticket, you will need to start the process over. Also be aware that the Social Security Number is not saved in our system but will be sent to Pacific Life. 

Questions are responsive according to how previous questions are answered. There are a few yes or no questions about owners, beneficiaries, and other key items. Depending on how these questions are answered, the e-ticket will add the needed questions to the form. The number of steps will be flexible, with as few as 7 steps or as many as 17 steps. Additional steps can include Owner information, contingent owner information, payor info if not the proposed insured, contingent beneficiaries, previous lab work, TIAA information, Existing insurance, and so on. There are also some State specific forms that will be added to the steps depending on what state you selected for your quote criteria.

The Ticket asks regarding the billing for the policy and the premium is based on the quote. No payment information is collected during this process.

Multiple beneficiaries can be added. Fields adjust depending the beneficiary type.

Purpose of insurance is a required section.

Delivery method is also required, with additional information for eDelivery depending on what other fields were entered previously.

Last, You will be required to complete Producer report where the agent information is entered. If you are logged into your IXN account, whether on the Mobile App or Agency Life Quoter, this will pre-fill some of the agent information. The Producer Code is a required field. This will be how Pacific Life associates the submission with the correct agent and agency. Pacific Life does have some mechanics in place to account for incorrect Producer Codes or agents that are not contracted yet, but we recommend you contact your brokerage to make sure you have the correct Producer Code if you would like to use this e-ticket option.

The last page to enter information is the Producer Attestation. Be sure to agree to the terms, then the ticket is ready to submit. At this point the E-Ticket is complete and has submitted to Pacific Life. That’s all you have to do! You will see a page with the actual policy number for this application. You can use this policy number to track the ticket with Pacific Life.


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