Protective E-Ticket Overview

This videos walks through quoting and submitting and E-Ticket directly to Protective on the Mobile App and Agency Life Quoter

We are excited to partner with Protective to provide you our first direct to carrier E-ticket. This  revolutionary way to submit business is submitted directly to Protective, cutting down extra steps and going directly to Protective's underwriting system. The E-ticket is available for the Mobile App and Agency Life Quoter and is designed for Agent use. 

Accessing the E-Ticket from the Mobile App

From the Mobile App, the e-ticket can be accessed from the Life Quotes Tool. After entering the quote criteria about your client, select "Get Quotes". From the Quote results you can filter down the results to show only the products that have an Online Application, which includes the Protective E-ticket, indicated by the lightning bolt icon. Tapping the quote will direct you to another screen with additional information about the Carrier. At the bottom of the screen will be the "Get Started" button, which shows all quote actions available for this product. Select "E-Ticket" to proceed to the Protective E-Ticket.

Accessing the E-Ticket from the Agency Life Quoter

To start the E-Ticket in the Agency Life Quoter, go to the quote engine and enter your client's quote criteria as normal. Information about the Proposed Insured will be prefill into the e-ticket from what is entered in tha quote criteria. Select "Get Quotes"

Once in the quote results, hover over Protective to see the "Get Started" option appear. Selecting this option will show all Quote Actions available for the carrier product.

Choose the E-Ticket option for Protective. The E-Ticket process is exactly the same as the on the mobile app.

It will pre-fill relevant information from the quote criteria and quote, and all the questions are responsive to ensure that you are entering the needed information for your policy. 

Fields within the E-Ticket

The first screen of the E-Ticket is where Proposed Insured information is entered. This will be prefilled with any Quote information from your Quote criteria. Note you can also view the Quote at any time in the process by selecting the Quote button at the bottom the screen. Also be aware that the Social Security Number is not saved in the IXN system, but is still sent to Protective. You can view any of the other information filled out in the quote from the IXN Dashboard for your reference. However if you leave the ticket without submitting at the end, you will need to start the process over.

Following the Proposed Insured information is the Owner Information screen. These questions are responsive if you select "No" to if the owner is the proposed insured. Fields differ depending on whether the owner is a person, company, or trust. 

For Inforce Policies, you can add a policy if the client already has an insurance policy and designate whether or not it is a replacement. You can also add or remove as many policies as you need in this section. 

Next is the Agent information. If you login with your IXN Account the agent information will be prefilled based on the information saved in the account. This can include the Protective Agent Contract Number. With the Protective E-ticket,  a contract number is needed, but there are a few options. You can say, "Yes, and I know my contract number" and enter the agent contract number. This is saved after the first time it is entered. If  agent is new, doesn't have a Protective contracting number, or otherwise does not remember their number, they can still proceed with the ticket. They can enter "Yes, but I don't know my contract number." or "No"  and the contract number field will be removed. The ticket can still be completed and submitted, but will be in a holding pattern in Protective's system until the contact number can be added. This is true for all states except for Pennsylvania which is a preapproval state and they must enter the Contract Number to complete. 

There is an option to split the commission to the application, which will add one additional screen to enter the other agent's information.

Finally, agree to the agent attestation and hit Submit. Then you can see the ticket is done and sent to Protective within seconds.

After Submission

After submission, you can call Protective and they will have the ticket in their system. You may choose to continue the interview then if the client is with you, or the client will be contacted by Protective, often the same day. These submissions are eligible for accelerated underwriting. We recommend not lead with accelerated in the sale as it is not guaranteed. About 20% of submission are accelerated. 


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