Web Release Notes for September 25th, 2020

These include updates and fixes made to all web-based products.


Changed "Standard" category for forms to "Required New Business"

    • In an effort to improve clarity, we've renamed the forms category previously known as "Standard" to "New Business." Additionally, the category "Supplemental" has been changed to "Supplemental New Business."

Display Agent Information in ApplicInt E-Ticket Email Notifications

    • Email Notifications for E-Ticket Started and E-Ticket Sent will now show all agent info entered in the Agency Life Quoter. This will be displayed in the E-Ticket email notifications regardless of if an agent has logged in with an IXN account.


Adjusted PSG UX temporarily to accommodate for i-frames not working in Chrome

    • Chrome released an update that enforces which cookies the iframe can access from the target url. This is causing the iframe for the E-App to not work in Chrome. As a temporary fix, e-apps will now open in a new tab.
  • Removed "Simplified Issue" Product Type

    All product groups/products with the "Simplified Issue" product type have now been moved to the "Term" product type with a "Non-Med (Simplified Issue)" product tag.

  • Protective E-Ticket Sent Email was not including Proposed Insured information

    This issue was fixed and we have adjusted the mobile app code to now show the "proposed insured information" in the emails that are sent. 
  • Table Ratings grouping filter was not showing correctly

    Fixed an issue on the Agency Life Quoter. Now when you run a table rating and select the "Health Category" grouping in the filter menu, it is populating the correct info showing all options available.