Mobile App Release Notes - Version 4.12.0

Changes and fixes included in mobile app update 4.12.0.


  • Flat Extra

You can run quotes with Flat Extra included in the Life Quotes tool.


  • Admins can remove Carrier Limiting as an option for users

In version 4.9 we added the ability for agents to limit carriers in the quote criteria of the Life Quotes tool. We have added the ability for Admins to remove this feature from the quote criteria, if they so choose. Reach out to our support team if you would like the feature removed.

  • New Users Automatically Logged in after Sign Up

Previously when a new user registered for the app they would be brought back to the login screen. Now after signing up, new users will go directly into the features of the app.


  • Prescreener tool weight value wasn't resetting for new prescreeners.

This has been fixed so now the weight value resets along with all the other values in the prescreener.