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Migrating your ALQ advanced embed configuration

The new ALQ UI comes with some changes to the advanced embed configuration options. This guide will outline the changes you'll need to make.

When embedding your ALQ via javascript, you have the ability to pass a configuration object. The table below maps the old object attributes to their new values. The value types (string, integer, array, etc) haven't changed. Please also refer to our new code examples found at https://github.com/ienetwork/code_examples.


Old Attribute Name New Attribute Name
minimum_face_amount minimum_face_amount
face_amount quote_data.face_amount
primary_color *deprecated*
secondary_color color
carrier_ids carrier_ids
product_ids product_ids
term_products product_types
simplified_products product_types
gul_products product_types
rop_products product_types
other_products product_types
agent.first_name agent.first_name
agent.last_name agent.last_name
agent.phone agent.phone
agent.email agent.email
agent.license_number agent.insurance_license_number
agent.applicint_trusted_code agent.applicint_trusted_code
client.first_name client.name
client.last_name client.name
client.state quote_data.state
client.gender quote_data.gender
client.tobacco quote_data.tobacco
client.age_type visible_age_type
client.current_age quote_data.current_age
client.nearest_age quote_data.nearest_age
client.dob_month quote_data.dob_month
client.dob_day quote_data.dob_day
client.dob_year quote_data.dob_year