Web Release Notes August 22, 2019

These include updates made to all web-based products.


  • Test Member Notifications

Admins are now able to send a Test notification. This notification will come only to themselves. The use case is to see what a notification will look like before sending it to all members. 

  • Nationwide added to platform

Adjustments were made in order to quote Nationwide term products on our platform. These rates are now available on all quoting products.


    • Adjustment to Insureio integration

    The Subdomain field was added as a new required field. This is the subdomain of your Insure.io account. The best way to find this is look at the login url to your Insure.io account. It will be the value before ".insureio.com". For example, if the login url is "https://myagency.insureio.com/login", then your Subdomain would be "myagency". This change affects the Insureio Lead Flow in the Website Quoter and Mobile App.