Web Release Notes Feb 15, 2019

These include updates made to all web-based products


  • Quotes would not load if DOB was Feb 29th
    An error existed that if a person was born on Leap Day, the Quotes would not load. This has been corrected.
    Product Affected: Agency Life Quoter, Mobile App, Website Quoter

  • WOP not showing if current age and nearest age were different
    An error existed where Waiver of Premium riders would not show in the case where the Current Age and Nearest Age of the client were different. This has been corrected.
    Product Affected: Agency Life Quoter

  • Required Phone Number wasn't showing in Updated Lead Notification
    There was a bug were a required phone number would show in a partial lead notification or in the leads section of the Dashboard, but not in the updated lead notification. This has been corrected so the phone number should show in all three locations.
    Product Affected: Website Quoter

  • Dashboard display bug for Website users
    An Error that was preventing the main Dashboard page to load for accounts with a website has been fixed.
    Product Affected: Dashboard, Websites