Web Release Notes for March 5, 2020

These include updates and fixes made to all web-based products.


    • Some E-App fields not selectable

    Fixed a bug that was preventing users from completing E-Apps due to some required fields being unselectable. E-Apps in the Agency Life Quoter should now fill as expected.

    • Number of required characters in name fields

    An adjustment was made to the name fields to allow names as short as two characters.

    • Nationwide Quoting fixes

    Fixed a bug where Nationwide was not being quotes if a flat extra was added and the DOB was within 6 months. Also corrected an error that caused Nationwide to display Standard rates when certain Table Rates were selected.

            • ApplicInt integration not pre-filling all quote information 

            We found and corrected an issue that was preventing the client name from the Quote Criteria from prefilling into the initial screen of the ApplicInt Integration. 

            • Quote Actions not displaying

            There was an error that caused some Quote Actions not to display as options in the Agency Life Quoter. This has been corrected. Admins may need to resave quote actions for them to display.