Web Release Notes for May 4, 2020

These include updates and fixes made to all web-based products.


  • New Protective Products available for direct E-Ticket

Protective's new Classic Choice 35 and 40 year term products are now available for direct-to-Protecive E-Ticket submissions.

  • New Notification Trigger delivery method

In addition to receiving notifications from our system via email, users can now send data to third parties. This is done by entering the web call URL of the third party that will receive the posted data. When setting up a new Notification Trigger, you can now choose the Delivery Method of either Email or Web Call. 


  • E-Ticket Status Icons switched to Text

E-ticket Status icons in the E-Tickets section of the Dashboard have been removed and replaced with text Status. This is to add clarity to the at-a-glance status of the logged E-Ticket events. 

  • Agent Information added to Quote PDF email

Agent information will automatically be added to the Quote PDF email message. 


    • E-App display on smaller screens

    An issue caused some fields on the E-App to be cut off when viewing the modal on smaller screens. Users should now be able to scroll down to see all fields regardless of screen size. 

      • Updated DOB to include current year

      The Website Quoter was updated to enable quoting date of birth up to the current year.

              • E-Ticket Started Email not sent

              An issue was resolved where the Notification Trigger for E-Ticket Started was not being sent for e-tickets started through the ApplicInt ExpressComplete integration.

              • Custom Icon not displayed

              Quote Actions in the Agency Life Quoter with custom icons uploaded were not showing any icon at all. This has been resolved so that custom icons should display.

              • Compare feature error

              A bug was fixed where including the new Protective Classic Choice 35 and 40 year term products in the Compare view of the Agency Life Quoter would cause the quoter to break.