Web Release Notes July 10, 2019

These include updates made to all web-based products.


  • Final Expense in the Agency Life Quoter

Final Expense rates are now quotable in the Agency Life Quoter. Right now rates are available for Royal Neighbors of America and TransAmerica. More to come in the future!

  • Re-Quote Endpoint for API users

This endpoint allows API users to run additional quotes using the rates that existed when a previous quote was ran. For example: the API user runs a quote on Feb 12th. On Mar 1st, the carrier updates their rates, then tells the API user that they will honor the older pricing and will allow them to adjust certain criteria as well. The API user can then pass the original quote guid, along with the updated criteria to this new endpoint to get quotes based on the carrier's old pricing. IXN does not guarantee that these historical quotes will be honored by the carrier. Whether or not the historical quote is honored must be determined between the API user and the carrier. Documentation can be found here.


    • Improved page break on quote PDFs!

    Improvements have been made so if a quote will be split by a page break on a generated quote PDF, the quote is moved to the next page instead. This improves the overall presentation of information on PDFs.

    • Notifications in the Dashboard

    Adjustments have been made to the notifications viewed in the Dashboard. It is now easier to differentiate different types of notifications, view what notifications have been read, and delete individual notification. 


    • Viewing Leads in the Dashboard - A bug where some members could not see all their leads from the Dashboard has been fixed. Additionally, those with the Sales Rep Role will be able to see lead for members assigned to them. Admins are still able to see all leads.
    • New Member Created Notification Trigger - fixed a bug where the New Member Created notification trigger was not showing as an option in the trigger dropdown.