Web Release Notes Mar. 26, 2018

These include updates made to all web-based products


  • New simple URL Quote action
    AIn the past, all quote actions automatically attached quote data to the end of the URL, to allow form auto-filling.  However, many clients did not need this information, and in some cases it would keep the URL from working properly.  There is now a "Simple URL" quote action type to prevent this from happening, and allow agencies to include links, without passing quote data.
    Product Affected: Dashboard, Agency Life Quoter


  • Product Limiting was not saving
    When agents tried to limit products in their Agency Life Quoter or Mobile App, there was a bug preventing the system from saving those changes.  This has been fixed now.  Note:  When saving product limiting changes, you must click "Save Changes" in the modal AND on the main carrier limiting page.
    Product Affected: Dashboard

  • Product Names missing from Forms Engine
    Minnesota Life's Advantage Elite Select product was not appearing in the list of available products in the Forms Engine.  This has been fixed, and all products that have forms mapped to them are showing up.
    Product Affected: Forms Engine