What is the difference between a New Lead and a Updated Lead?

The Website Quoter can collect information both before the quote is run and after a quote is selected.

In the IXN Dashboard, there are two types of leads.  New Leads are generated in Website Quoters when a consumer runs a quote, but does not select a specific product or request more information about the product.  Updated Leads are generated when a quote is run in the Consumer Life Quoter in the mobile app, or a potential client selects a product that they would like more information about in the Website Quoter.

You can see the difference between these two types in the Leads section of the Dashboard (as seen below).  If a lead is partial, there will NOT be a checkmark in the "Has Quote" column and the lead information will display any information collected on the initial screen of the website quoter.   If a lead is completed, there will be a checkmark in the "Has Quote" column, and the lead will contain all information about the product and premiums quoted, as well as any information collected via the IXN Default Lead Form.

Leads - Leads List


The Insureio Integration also collects new and updated leads. These leads can be viewed in your Insureio Account.

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