Web Release Notes September 27, 2019

These include updates made to all web-based products.


  • E-App Solution powered by Paperless Solutions Group

E-Apps can now be completed in the Agency Life Quoter. For more information about this feature, please refer to the our overview article.

  • Nationwide added to platform

Adjustments were made in order to quote Nationwide term products on our platform. These rates are now available on all quoting products.

  • Google reCAPTCHA available in the Website Quoter

To increase the quality of leads and prevent spam, we've added the option to add a Google reCAPTCHA to your website quoter. Please refer to this guide to set up your reCAPTCHA. 


  • Adjustment to Insureio integration

The Subdomain field was added as a new required field. This is the subdomain of your Insure.io account. The best way to find this is look at the login url to your Insure.io account. It will be the value before ".insureio.com". For example, if the login url is "https://myagency.insureio.com/login", then your Subdomain would be "myagency". This change affects the Insureio Lead Flow in the Website Quoter and Mobile App.

  • Reset Password screen adjusted on Mobile

To reduce confusion when resetting passwords from the mobile app, we've removed the wording "Back to Login" from the password reset screen on mobile devices. This link previously took the user to the Dashboard login screen.

  • Website URL field added to 3rd Party Form Builder Integrations

You can now add the Website URL as a prefilled field on the 3rd PArt Form Builder Integrations. This can be used to distinguish what website a lead came from if you have the same Website Quoter embedded on multiple websites. 


  • Symmetra GUL was not showing in quote results

Implemented a bug fix that was preventing Symmetra GUL products from being displayed in the quote results.

  • ApplicInt Errors Corrected

Users were receiving errors for some Carrier Products when attempting an ApplicInt ExpressComplete e-ticket. This has been corrected and we are monitoring to prevent future errors.