Maintaining your Organization's Mobile App

This article summarizes what we do to maintain your mobile app as well as what is your responsibility to maintain.

Congratulations on your live mobile app! Now your app available for distribution and promotion. We're here to help you keep your mobile app in good working order and up to date with the latest technology. So what are the next steps moving forward? Our goal is to help you understand what our team does to maintain your mobile app and, just as important, what your team is responsible for. 

IXN Team

We strive to provide the best mobile solutions to meet the needs for your business. We'll handle the technical side of the mobile app maintenance. This includes:


We research the latest in technology advancement and mobile app guidelines to make sure your app is keeping up with the trends. Our engineering team is also hard at work fixing bugs and giving you new features. We submit an update for the app in the stores every 4-6 weeks. Release Notes for each update can be found here.


There are two Apple certificates that require annual renewal. As long as we have Admin access on your account, we can manage those certificates for you.

  • Distribution Certificate - This can expire without affecting the live app. It must be renewed to continue submitting new updates for distribution.
  • Push Certificate - This makes push notifications possible and should be renewed before the certificate expires. There may be a minute or two where push notifications won't work while we are renewing the certificate.


Agents having trouble logging in? Questions about different features? Our team is here for you. Additionally, if you need help adding or removing available features, changing colors, swapping logos, updating contact info, etc. reach out to our support team and we can help you out. 

Your Team

While we will do the heavy lifting in the app stores for you, we need your help on the administrative side to keep things running smoothly. Here is what your team needs to do to ensure the app continues to be available and updated. Be sure there is always someone on your team who has access to these accounts.

Apple Developer

Apple ID, User Agreements, and Membership Fees - The Apple Developer Account is associated with one Apple ID that is managed by your company. Keep the credentials and authentication method secure. Your team will need to login to a few times a year to accept updates to Apple's Developer User Agreement. Apple also has an annual membership fee of $99. We recommend setting the account to auto-renew and making sure the billing information is up to date. Failure to maintain the agreements halts our ability to update the app in anyway, including updating expired certificates. Apple removes the app from the App Store altogether if the Membership expires so it is imperative that these items remain up to date.

Google Developer

The only thing required to maintain the Google Developer Account is an active Google account. Keep the login credentials for this account secure and make sure the credentials are passed onto the next person if employee roles change at your company. 

IXN Dashboard

New Carriers and Products - When we add Carriers to our platform or carriers add new products, those new carriers and products are not automatically added to your platform. Login to your Dashboard as an Admin to edit your carriers and products.

Flexible Content - There are many aspects of the app that can be adjusted on your own without an update in the stores. The following guides can help you make changes to some of the flexible features of the mobile app:


Questions or feedback? Feel free to contact our Support Team at or call 800-250-5152 #2